Pay-As-You-Go HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory support as-and-when you need… switch it on, switch it off – without any longer-term commitment.

It really is straightforward:

  1. All HR Advisory support is charged at a flat rate of £85 +VAT per hour
  2. There’s no minimum or maximum commitment - ever
  3. We charge in 5-minute blocks, subject to a minimum charge of £50 +VAT per month in which the service is used
  4. We’ll work wherever suits you best. We charge £40 +VAT per attendance at other premises within 20 miles of the Clearlink HR office.
  5. We draft whatever documentation you need, and send you notes of all of our advice
  6. We send you an itemised statement of work completed at the end of each calendar month
  7. You pay us within 30 days of the date of our invoice

Our Pay-As-You-Go HR Advisory Services includes for example; meetings, phonecalls and emails with you and / or your staff, helping with particular team or individual matters, preparing filenotes and letters, coaching line managers, briefing management teams, day-to-day workforce planning, supporting the selection and on-boarding of new staff, and developing bespoke Policies, Procedures and Contracts which are outside of our Fixed-Price Packages.

Clients must agree to our general Terms of Service in writing before Pay-As-You-Go HR Advisory Services can commence.