At Clearlink HR, we’re pretty versatile. So whether it's a choice from our range of HR Advisory packages, or something more bespoke - when it comes to HR support, we’ve got it covered.

HR Governance: Compliance Check
A trusted review of where you’re up to with HR

This fixed-price service gives clients reassurance where their HR practice has evolved over time.

It identifies what’s fit for purpose, confirms good practice, and highlights areas that could be a risk and require immediate attention.

Employment Casework
Deal with individual or team issues

Our HR Consultants and HR Business Partners work closely with line managers in client businesses to deal effectively with individual or team difficulties.

Whether it’s an issue of conduct, a clash of personalities or a case of performance that's below-par, we advise and coach managers on a time-based system from issue identification to resolution.

Employment and other Contracts
Get your Terms and Conditions right

It’s essential that our clients and the people that work for them are clear about their relationship.

Our team can help you ensure that your Contracts of Employment, Directors’ Service Contracts, and Terms of Service Agreements for any contractors you engage are all up-to-scratch.

Establishment Control
Think about the workforce that you need

The skills and capacity your business needs are constantly evolving – so you probably need to review your workforce profile from time to time.

It’s also important that your top team are totally clear about roles in your business before you recruit to them.

We help ensure that you’re in control of your headcount, overall workforce capacity and staff costs at every step.

Organisational Culture and Change
Need to evolve? Growing? Downsizing? We can help

Businesses and their workforce always change. Growth and downsizing each have their own challenges – as do outsourcing and merging employers. Managers need to know what their teams are thinking and make sure their people can see the bigger picture.

We’re well-versed in all of this and can help employers with options and implementation from start to finish.

HR Administration
Keep on top of your HR letters and records

Issuing a batch of contracts? Input into your HR system? Amendments to Contract letters? Pre-employment checks?

We’ve got all of this covered – and more. Let us know if we can help.

Selection and On-Boarding
We help you choose and induct the best people

You (and your recruiter, if you choose!) go out and find people that could work with you. We help you to select the best by looking at technical skills, values and ‘fit’ with how you do things.

We help you design and deliver insightful selection processes - from open days for operative staff to Director Assessment Centres - and everything in between.

Then we do as much as you need for your recruits to become well-inducted employees, including pre-employment checks... with every ‘i’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed.

HR Polices, Procedures and Forms
Get the HR basics right for your business

Not every employer needs ‘whistles and bells’ HR Policies and Procedures. But some need more detail than others.

We offer several suites of HR Policies and Procedures on a fixed-price basis, as well as writing for specific employer requirements if needed. We’re proud to work from resources that we’ve developed from scratch based on our extensive knowledge of HR casework.

But the real value is in the detail… so we work with you to ensure that the finished HR policies, procedures and forms are absolutely perfect for your business.

Workforce Planning
Future skills and capacity for your business

Small employers rely on key employees. So what sorts of roles, skills and capacity will you need to achieve your future plans?

We work at Board and senior team level to help business owners draw up and implement plans to future-proof their workforce.

Communication and Appraisals
Helping people to be great at what they do

Need an Appraisal Policy and Procedure? We’ll help you design it, train your line managers and roll it out. Want to link performance and pay? We can assist with that too.

We also know that year-round dialogue between line managers and their reports is business-critical - it forms the bedrock of great performance. Our tools and guidance will help you get this going, and embed it into your business as usual.

Pay and Reward Strategy
Attract, Retain, Engage: Remuneration and more

Your approach to pay needs to tick a lot of boxes: affordable, attractive, competitive, fair. But reward is about more than pay… do you know what really motivates your people, and cements their commitment to you as their employer?

We work with your senior leaders on a confidential and commercial basis to review pay and reward within your company. We help you to implement changes if needed, ensuring you’re well-placed in your labour market with a strategic approach to remuneration and staff benefits.

Staff Wellbeing and being a Good Employer
Have happy, healthy and productive staff

What if one of your key players is very unwell? What if someone’s absent from work for a lengthy period of time? How do you keep track of staff attendance?

Life is hectic, and being a good employer is about so much more than providing interesting work. Making a conscious effort to keep staff on-board and healthy in mind and body is a win-win for everyone. There’s no gimmicky hard-sell from us on employee health and wellbeing… our advice is pragmatic, down-to-earth, and delivers real results.