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Employing people for the first time...

Employing people for the first time? Here's our tips on what you should be thinking about...

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New CIPD report shows how good HR makes a massive difference to small business

Researched published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development this week highlights the positive impact that great HR practice can make to small businesses throughout the UK.

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How to make the most of your work with Clearlink HR

We won’t ask to borrow your watch so that we can tell you the time… Here’s a quick guide for clients that's all about making the most of our input.

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Not quite triplets: Three maternity-related Flexible Working Requests

A client approached us for help recently because three members of staff were going on maternity leave and likely to make requests for flexible working upon their return. While the client was left wondering whether there was something in the water, we got to grips with dealing with multiple maternity-related flexible working requests at once.

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How will I know?! Employee, worker, contractor?

‚ÄčThe late, great Whitney Houston was asking a very different question when she sang those immortal lines to ‘How will I know?’ back in 1985. But in the case of whether someone is really an employee, worker, or contractor, it’s important that the person or entity engaging them does in fact know - both for tax and employment liability reasons.

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