New CIPD report shows how good HR makes a massive difference to small business

The report, sponsored by JP Morgan, underlines the importance of basic HR practices to the success of small businesses in boosting management effectiveness, handling crises and improving overall productivity.

At Clearlink HR, we’ve always emphasised the value that we can add to small employers in employment compliance, workforce performance and protecting their businesses in a changing world. Specifically, the report sets out the shortcomings of online and template-based HR support, emphasising the importance of face-to-face contact between operational managers and HR specialists.

We’re delighted that this new research is so clearly-aligned with our long-held mission – to help small employers to be good employers, and, through their people, to be great at what that do. In-person support provided by our dedicated and highly-skilled HR Consultants is key to how we work – and it’s great to see this approach so emphatically supported by our own professional body. You can read the CIPD press-release here and full report here .

At Clearlink HR, we enable our clients to be assured when dealing with their workforce every day. If you need face-to-face HR support for your business then we can help - please give us a call on 01928 560281.

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